The british 2018: The real winners and losers


Stormzy and Dua Lipa both took home two trophies at the Brits, but there is always more to the awards show.

In a night of joy and disappointment, X-rated confessions and spectacular performances, which were the real winners and losers at the O2 Arena?The majority of dress – Dua Lipa


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Both the dress, in fact, that it took more than two or three people to move it.

Dua baby pink tiered gown by Giambattista Valli was a great show of frills – but she wasn’t precious about it.

“There’s a lot of it, so if it gets damaged, I can pick up a piece of some other place.”
The best mother – Emma Bunton

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Emma Bunton children were disappointed that we could not get to the Brit Awards, so he threw them of his own awards ceremony on Tuesday.

“We had orange juice, it made it a little bit the performance, and won the best male and best of group.”Biggest snub – Ed Sheeran

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He could have sold 12.8 million albums last year, but Ed Sheeran was shut out of the British. His award was the global success award, which recognizes commercial success, while the best male, best album, best single and best video of all was another of the artists.

There is certainly a sense that the industry is not on his side now – he has also been overlooked at the Grammys – but it’s hard to figure out what is wrong.

Maybe the voters felt their most recent album, ÷, was too strong, or cynically commercial, you deserve a prize. Or maybe they just really, really hated Galway Girl.

Either way, it feels strange that the star could not take a break in their country of origin.Sauciest confession – Cheryl


During the ceremony, the pop couple Cheryl and Liam Payne are faced by the presenter Jack Whitehall, I had a question about Liam’s next performance with Rita Ora.

“Is taking place later, you are doing a song from the Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie,” he said. “It sounds quite cheeky, there is a safe word?”

Liam gallantry threw the question to Cheryl, saying, “She knows.”

Without blinking, she leaned toward the microphone and said two words.

“Don’t stop”.
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More exciting performance Stormzy

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Stormzy’s performance was a show-stopper, and not only because it is, literally, came at the end of the ceremony.

Still smiling after winning best album, the star showed the full range of their talents in a performance that encompasses the meaning of the gospel of Blinded By Your Grace and tongue-twisting word-play of the Big For Their Boots.

But in the middle, he did something special, a fierce freestyle verse that had as its goal the government’s response to the Grenfell fire.

“I, Theresa May, where is the money for Grenfell?”, hit him. “What, you thought I forgot Grenfell?

“You’re criminals, and you have the cheek to call us the savages? You should do some time in jail, you must pay some damages. We should burn your house down and see if you can handle this?”

In certain Stormzy style, however, the rap wove the personal into the political, and he went on to speak of his pride of seeing other black British stars of success, including model Jourdan Dunn and the actor Daniel Kaluuya.

“When Dan Kaluuya won the Bafta, I could have cried,” he smiled.

Speaking with the BBC after, the rapper said he wanted to use his platform of “say something “bigger” that “yes, it is the Stormzy show”.

“This is not about me. It is Grenfell, it’s about all of the things that I said in that letter.”More narrow escape from injury – Taylor Swift

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Technically this happened three years ago, but we only found out from him this evening, and it is our duty to inform you that Taylor Swift narrowly escaped a black eye at the Brit Awards.

Mike Kerr of Royal Blood, revealed the incident, while grassing her musical partner Ben Thatcher as the culprit.

“We went to his dressing room to say hello, and Ben opened a bottle of champagne,” he recalled. “The cork almost hit her in the face and knocked her out”.

“I get a little fussy, sometimes,” said Ben, sheepishly.Greatest hook-up – Haim and Nile Rodgers

On the red carpet, we have introduced the disco legend Nile Rodgers for This Haim, who essentially exploded of joy.

“You are the best man I’ve ever heard,” she gushed as the Elegant guitarist greeted her with a hug.

“I’m literally… I wish I was wearing a diaper now,” she said.

When they record an album together, you can thank us.Most scandalous theft – Harry Styles

Final Youtube, published by Dua Lipa

The video of Dua Lipa the New Rules is, without doubt, brilliant. Its message of women supporting women chimes perfectly with the times; and the iconic choreography inspired hundreds of tributes and covers.

Last week, clocked at up to one billion play on YouTube. 22, Dua is now the female artist youngest ever to reach that milestone.

So why was not in the race for the best British video? Because the British, opens with a category up to a fan vote, which meant Dua was dumped from the longlist in favor of several videos by ex-members of One Direction.

In the end, the not-very-good video for Harry Styles not-very-good Sign Of The Times won. A complete farce.Best surprise – Jack Whitehall


Accommodation of the British is a chalice poisoned. The public is not listening, the artists are not interested and the script is always terrible.

But, surprisingly, Jack Whitehall took out of the bag with a series of caustic one-liners. Like these:

On the Rag ‘N’ Bone Man: “The man with the voice of an angel and the beard of a magician”.

Sam Smith: “If you like Adele songs, but find them too optimistic, you’re in for a treat as Sam Smith will be performing!”

In The Voice of the judges: “it Is a knight of the kingdom, a winner of Oscar and… Olly Murs.”

Jack Whitehall’s best jokes at the BritsLargest of the metaphor of the failure – Kendrick Lamar

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Kendrick Lamar performs Feel, a song about how the stardom gave him the feeling of isolation, while a dancer of mashed orange Lamborghini with a baseball bat.

His intention was to make a statement about the emptiness of the status symbols and the trappings of fame. But, with the majority of the viewers cannot listen to their songs, such as “I’m so rich I can afford the luxury of breaking this very expensive car, live on TELEVISION.”

End of the post to Twitter by @matteveritt

More softies – Dave Grohl and Dua Lipa

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Dua Lipa brought his little brother and sister on stage when she won the award for best breakthrough artist, because she wants to follow their dreams.

“I told them to believe in magic, because it is real,” he said. “And this is the closest I’ve come to him – so I wanted first-hand experience.”

But she was not the only one thinking about the family. Dave Grohl may have picked up the Foo Fighters’ fourth Brit Award for best international group, but the highlight of the night was to get Things more strange stars Millie Bobby Brown to record a video message for her daughter.

“My daughter is a big fan of the strangest Things that draw pictures of Millie Bobby Brown and put them around your bedroom,” he told BBC 5 live.

“She also shaved her head to watch as Millie Bobby Brown, so that when he comes home from school and sees the video that you just make, going to be the greatest thing that ever happened.”Best gown – Leigh-Anne Pinnock

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We never got an adequate explanation for Leigh-Anne tailoring decision. Maybe she just slept.

What happened, Little Mix were available to give us an update of his fifth album, which they are intended to have ready for the end of the year.

“We have only done a couple of sessions,” said Jade Thirlwall. “And we go back to work next week, all the way through the March.”

The band “I wish” has a new single at the time of his stadium tour this summer, he added.

“That is the goal: to have something ready for then. But we don’t want to rush things.”Less drunk drunk women ” – This Haim

End of the post to Twitter by @scottygb

While Jack Whitehall was to interview Liam and Cheryl, viewers saw an “absolutely plastered” woman in the background mouthing the words “Call Me”.

Only it was not a random record executive of the company, was the bass-playing pop phenomenon This Haim.

“Not drunk, just living my truth”, he wrote on twitter.

End of the post to Twitter by @jizziemcguire

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