Kendrick drug texts off in Brits

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The Brit Awards, viewers were left baffled after parts of rap star Kendrick Lamar performance were moderated by ITV.

“What is the point of having Kendrick Lamar perform on the #BRITS if you are going to disable him every other word?” tweeted JP, to express the discontent of many.

Many assumed that Lamar songs – to Hear and back in the Freezer were turned off because of bad language. But it seems that the main problems were references to drugs and oral sex.

Some disabled sections these mentions of “bad dope” and “cocaine white”.

The US superstar himself actually changed the most obvious of foul language in his texts – but fell victim to the censorship button to the drug words and oblique slang references to oral sex.

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Lamar performance at the Brit Awards in London, broadcast on ITV on Wednesday, almost one hour after the 21:00 watershed.

But the decision was taken to turn the sound off 10 times during his performance, recalling an appearance from Kanye West in 2015, also fell foul of broadcasters censors.

Asked about the decision to mute parts of the songs, ITV said that the ceremony was broadcast “to a wider audience”.

“We have always used a small time lapse, and audio muting to deal with the language the audience may consider to be inappropriate,” a spokeswoman said.


Lamar performance of a man taking a baseball bat to the windshield of an expensive-looking sports car.

On Thursday morning, media watchdog Ofcom said it had received 74 complaints from viewers about Lamar segment – some of which they feared that this could incite criminal behaviour and damage to property, and some of you complain about the implied bad language.

BBC music reporter Mark Savage described the stunt cars, such as the evening “the greatest metaphor for the failure”.

“Her intention was to make a statement about the emptiness of status symbols and the trappings of fame,” he wrote.

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“But, with the majority of the viewers cannot listen to his lyrics, and it came out as ‘I am so rich I can afford to destroy this very expensive car on live TV.'”

The BBC understands the car in question was a£ 20,000 replica of a Lamborghini Murcielago.

The end of the Rag ‘N’ Bone Man’s speech after he won the award for the best British single was also disabled after the singer, real name Rory Graham – used the f-word.

Still Stormzy use of an offensive slang Jamaican word went out without censure, when he climbed on stage to accept the award for best British male at 20:32 GMT.

ITV said: “The use of this word during Stormzy of the speech was not recognized. We will address this for reps.”

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