BBC licence fee to rise by £3.50 in April


The UK, the annual TV licence fee to rise to £150.50 £147 the government has announced.

The increase, which will come into force on 1. April, follows last year’s rise to £147 from £145.50.

In the last year, the government announced that the license would increase the fee in line with inflation for the next five years.

Anyone watching or recording TV programmes as they television shows, or viewing or downloading of BBC programmes on iPlayer, you must have a license.BBC iPlayer registration is required starting in 2017

The fee applies regardless of whether the device is a television, a computer, or other devices.

The fee shall also bear the costs for the Roll-out of broadband in the UK population and helps to Finance the Welsh language TV channel S4C and local TV channels.

The level of the licence fee for all BBC services, is set by the government.

Before the last year of the license increase fee has remained frozen since 2010.

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