Trump recalled the words of Obama about the lack of external influence on the election outcome

The President also once again criticized the reaction of the predecessor for the Russian intervention

The US President Donald trump on Tuesday once again rejected allegations of Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016 contributed to his victory, Recalling that his predecessor Barack Obama shortly before the vote, said that no evidence of external influence on the outcome of the election was not detected.

As trump wrote on Twitter, Obama did not take measures in connection with the Russian intervention because he believed that to win the opponent of trump, Democrat Hillary Clinton and “did not want to rock the boat.” “When I easily won according to the voting results in the electoral College, the game took a completely different turn, and the Democrats began to use the excuse about the Russian intervention,” said Donald trump.

In another tweet trump wrote: “I’m with Russia is much tougher than Obama: just look at the facts. Absolutely fake news.” He also praised his favorite television program Fox and Friends for the scheduling, which, in his words, “reflects the failures of the Obama administration” in the fight against the Russian military intervention in Syria and the takeover of Crimea.

In a series of tweets, trump again accused his predecessor in the wrong reaction to the Russian intervention.

“Obama was President up to and even after the 2016 election. So why he didn’t do anything in connection with the Russian intervention?” – trump wrote on Twitter on Monday.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that the elections were rigged against him. In this regard, shortly before the vote, Obama made the statement quoted by trump in one of his tweets: “there is No serious source that I thought the results of the American elections in General can be manipulated. There is no evidence that this has happened in the past or will happen in this time, so I urge Mr. trump to stop complaining and to try to convince voters to vote for him.”

In his tweets trump did not mention that before the election, Obama wanted to publish bipartisan statement about the Russian intervention, however, prevented the Senate majority leader, Republican Mitch McConnell.

After the elections in December 2016, Obama imposed sanctions against nine Russian individuals and legal entities in response to the intervention in the elections, and was expelled from the country for 35 Russian diplomats and shut down access to two diplomatic cottages, which are believed to be used for intelligence operations.