In Kiev, the birthday celebration ended in a mass brawl

In Kiev on the night of February 19, near the restaurant Tayger Pizza on the street Vadym Hetman, 4 there was a mass brawl. It is reported by the Informant.

The conflict arose during the celebration of his birthday. According to the victims, celebrating the institution came to an end, and the company called a taxi. At the exit of the pizzeria, one of the notes touched the shoulder of a man.

The verbal altercation quickly escalated into a fight. The conflict ran for about another 15 people who began beating both boys and girls. After the girls started screaming, the attackers fled in the direction of the Industrial bridge.

Arrived at the police protection notice the fleeing group of men and the beginning of the persecution, resulting in one young man was arrested.

The detainee and victim was taken to the district police Department for writing the application and further proceedings.

One of the victims has a broken nose, the other had multiple facial injuries from multiple blows. Hospitalization of the victims refused.

Recall, February 17 at troyeschina, in Kiev, the men were fighting over the fact that one of the parties to the conflict felt like a motorist knocked down a man. Earlier in December, in the Solomensky district of the capital there was a mass fight of local residents with Roma.