“Humor is a serious thing»

Comedian Yevgeny Petrosyan is, perhaps, familiar to every Russian. He stands on the stage for over 50 years. But before the presidential election, the comedian tries himself in a new role as a Trustee of the presidential candidate, the independent candidate Vladimir Putin. How and why this happened, and also about his political views and attitude to a young audience, the actor spoke in a small interview “Tape.ru.»

«Tape.ru”: How did you get in the list of Trustees of Vladimir Vladimirovich? The comedian — not the most obvious choice.

Petrosyan: You want to say that the humor and such a serious event as the election of the President is different, far apart concepts. But first, humor is a serious matter. Second, in the list of Trustees the President of the comedians I’m not alone, there are still a few people. In addition, this list includes people of very different professions, and rightly so. And finally, thirdly, — the actor of theatre-humorous variety must first be a citizen of their country. It needs to Express its interests, should be indifferent to what is happening inside the country and in the world. And, most importantly, the list of Trustees approves the candidate, after consideration of all proposals. I came to this place on his own initiative, with a desire to Express their civil position.

Many believe that Putin will be elected anyway, given his approval rating and popular support. Whether it is necessary to go to vote in March?

The word “worth” seems to me inappropriate. In this context it’s some kind of market approach. The active position of every citizen, his indifference to the fate of their country should determine the desire to come to the polls. Stay away, do my own household chores and say “My business” — ultimately doesn’t pay. Better to spend an hour of personal time, to come to the polls and Express their opinion — that is, to contribute, to then be able quietly to attend to their personal Affairs. And most importantly, when in the world did it get so complicated for our country’s situation, each of us should understand that it is the responsibility of choice.

Have you considered the opportunity to vote for other candidates? Why do you like Putin? If he’s the alternative?

Unfortunately, I can’t answer your question because, by law, campaigning is allowed only from February 19. And since I’m an emotional person, I can get carried away and long to speak on this topic.

Suppose it so happens that the result will choose another candidate. Could you dream up on what Russia will become, say, Sobchak or Grudinin?

Humorous options I would consider on the stage.

Your recent performances, you start with jokes about how Russia has restored its influence on the world stage (“Everyone thought that Russia was on his knees, and we just lace up ankle boots”). But seriously, do you really think that the West threatens us? And if so — why?

What don’t you see how much injustice, hatred, hypocrisy, provocation, falsehood, rudeness pours into our address? Isn’t it obvious? I don’t quite understand your position. Thank God your generation doesn’t know what war is. But it was a threat. We prevented. Now we have the whole country worried about our Olympic athletes, for those who went to the Olympics, and for those who didn’t go there. This blatant injustice against all of us brought us together in this matter. And once rallied, ultimately made us stronger. And generally — what happens? We compete under a special doping control, and the rest allegedly have some special therapeutic indications!.. But despite this our athletes produce medals to the country, and I want to shout to them: “Guys! Ahead! We are with you!»

How do you feel about the American President Donald Trump? Would have voted for him if I was American?

Fortunately, I do not apply to him.

Your humor is closer to older people. Do you want to try it to upgrade, go for a younger audience?

I think about young people, you are mistaken. At my concerts in equal proportion you can meet young people and the elderly. You can meet representatives of all professions, nationalities, religions, places of residence. This fact is defined by sociologists. Walk with me around the city and you will see that dozens of young people asking me to take a picture… However, to this conversation but this topic does not apply.

And finally, elections will be held. What do you think awaits us in the next six years — would be better to live?

Dynamics of development of our country has become convincingly positive in many ways. So let’s hope that everything will turn out fine.

Interviewed By Mikhail Karpov