Yevkurov against the politicization of sermons in mosques

Magas. 13 Feb. INTERFAX – the Head of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, believes it is wrong to be guided by a political paradigm or spiritual interests of certain institutions, while preaching in mosques.

“General priority and power, and religion is the desire to strengthen peace and prosperity”, – quotes the press-service of the head of the Republic Evkurov, Yu words.

Ingush leader instructed the heads of municipalities together with the office for religious Affairs and leaders of religious communities to carry out preventive measures to prevent the politicization of preaching activities in mosques of the Republic.

The head of the region said that the creation of the Ingush Republic councils of Taipa (names), Alimov and reconciliation Commission just motivated by the desire to strike a balance between the government and the clergy society, to maintain stability and objectivity in the solution of problematic issues through peer review.