Vietnam syndrome was Given In

From the exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum is breathtaking

What is common between complementary letters of Henry Kissinger, chandeliers from the Paris hotel and the motor car “Mercedes”?

The answer is simple: the radical vision of a conceptual artist.

In search of identity

The Guggenheim Museum is not the first time predstavitelstvo the most extreme modern visionaries. But even in this “revolutionary” a number of the exhibition is Given In (Danh Vo) is striking, or, in other words, it is “breathtaking”.

That’s right – Take My Breath Away, a quote from the main hit movie “top gun” (Top Gun), and the name of this exhibition at all levels of the famous spiral rotunda of Frank Lloyd Wright.

As emphasized at the press preview, Museum Director Richard Armstrong (Richard Armstrong), installations, sculptures, photographs and other objects made In this instance, since 2003, demonstrate how “global processes affect individual and collective identity.”