To lift the Airbus aircraft manufacturing in China

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Airbus has struck a deal to the number of aircraft in China as part of a state visit of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

The European giant aims to produce six of its A320 jets each month by 2020 at its Assembly plant in the vicinity of Beijing.

During his three-day visit, Mr Macron said France and China must be open to do business with each other.

Currently, he said, France has “access to the markets, which is unbalanced, [and] unsatisfactory”.

He told an audience of French and Chinese CEO: “If we don’t do much with this responsibility, the first natural reaction will be to close, on both sides.”

As part of the agreement, Airbus said it will “strengthen their partnership in industry in Tianjin,” this is one of four global facilities to assemble the A320 family of aircraft, whose wings are made in the UK.

Airbus said it hopes “to strengthen the cooperation in terms of technical innovation, engineering capabilities and supply-chain extension”.

Airbus is currently producing four planes a month in the facility, but said an increase of five to 2019, before reaching a monthly turnover of six jets, from morning till 2020.

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The company is one of a number of companies, travelling with Mr Macron, who is on his first state visit since his election last may.

He has called for a better coordinated approach to trade with China.

Mr. Macron said that in the past countries had come to China with different goals and varying degrees of openness.

“We need a coordinated European approach in the China be more transparent about our agenda,” said Mr. Macron said.

“This is the reason why France is to define the strategic sectors in which we want to protect the investment… It is a question of sovereignty, as you have understood very well.”