The United States expressed concern about the maneuvers of the Russian aircraft

The state Department said that Russia grossly violated the existing agreements and international law

The US expressed “most serious concern” in connection with the dangerous convergence of Russian military aircraft to American aircraft in international airspace over the Black sea.

The incident occurred on Monday during Russian military exercises.

“Although the American aircraft operated in international law, the Russian side grossly violated the existing agreements and international law,” said state Department spokesman Heather Nauert on Monday evening.

“This is just another example of the actions of the Russian military, which ignores international norms and agreements,” she added.

Command forces of the U.S. Navy in Europe said that the Russian su-27 approached the U.S. plane, an EP-3 at a distance of five feet, and crossed his path right in front of him.

Russia has not reacted to the situation.

The state Department called on Russia to cease unsafe, from his point of view, actions that increase the risks of miscalculation and collision in the air.

Russian media referring to the defense Ministry, for its part reported that a Russian fighter jet su-27 on Monday intercepted an American reconnaissance plane over the Black sea. It is clarified that the plane EP-3E Aries II the U.S. Navy did not violate the border of Russian airspace.

After the spy plane, the US Navy changed the flight path of removal from the Russian territory, the su-27 has returned to the home airfield, according to reports.