The state Department urged Russia to stop “dangerous” intercept the aircraft

WASHINGTON, 30 Jan — RIA Novosti. In The U.S. state Department has called a “dangerous” interception of a Russian fighter American spy plane over the Black sea.

According to the command of the United States Navy in Europe, the su-27 approached the U.S. EP-3 at a distance of five feet and “flew directly in front of the corridor EP-3”. The incident occurred in international airspace on January 29.

State Department spokesman Heather Nauert accused the Russian side in disregard of international norms and a flagrant violation of the agreement on the “prevention of incidents on and over the open water of 1972”.

Washington has urged Moscow to stop actions that create a danger to the crew.

Earlier, the defense Ministry reported that the su-27 intercepted electronic intelligence aircraft EP-3E Aries II the U.S. Navy over international waters. The crew of a Russian fighter reported about the identification of American aircraft and was accompanied by him with observance of all security measures. This su-27 has not allowed the EP-3 to violate the airspace of Russia.
The Agency noted that the flight of the Russian plane took place strictly in accordance with international rules, no emergency situations were not.