The Russians are stricter than a quarter of a century ago, condemns adultery and homosexual relationships survey

Moscow. 13 Feb. INTERFAX – Two-thirds of Russians (64%) always or almost always condemn adultery, and women (69%) criticize infidelity more often than men (57%), according to VTSIOM.

One in ten (12%), in contrast, sees this as very loyal (9% in 1991), showed the Russian the telephone survey, conducted January 13-14, 2000 among respondents.

In 1991 infidelity denounced in 67%, but sharp critics was significantly smaller: 35% said that adultery is “always wrong,” now there are 52%.

With prejudice the majority of respondents refers to the same-sex relationships: 79% condemn them categorically or in most cases (in 1991, 71%), 15% – more often than not (including 9% in principle, I see nothing wrong with that).

In a situation when the abortion is the woman forced financial difficulties, most people shows loyalty: 38% believe it is acceptable only in some cases, 28% in principle, do not condemn. Meanwhile, 17% oppose such always 9% almost always.