The Israeli Minister called Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow is very important

TEL AVIV, 29 Jul — RIA Novosti. Israeli Minister ze’ev Elkin called the visit to Moscow of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s opposition to Iran’s bid to gain a foothold on the Northern borders of the Jewish state and establish a nearby rocket production.

In an interview with Russian TV channel Ninth Elkin, who translated Netanyahu’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, described the trip as “very important” and “very effective”.

“The main topics that were discussed during the visit is to prevent the Iranian military presence in Syria and the threat of missiles is the exact steps that are now trying to make the Iranians in Lebanon. As always, such visits were very effective and, as always, efficiency is related to the fact that the content of the conversation remains between the two leaders,” he said.

Netanyahu has previously made it clear that the plans of Iran to Israel is unacceptable, and he is ready to act to prevent their implementation.

English-speaking functionary of the ruling party “Likud”, Elkin combines the posts of environment Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, is part of the military-political Cabinet, serves as Trustee and personal interpreter to the Prime Minister in his contacts with Russian leadership.

He made it clear that the talks in Moscow also raised the issue of revision of the Iranian nuclear deal, which call on Israel and the United States.

“In parallel with the regional issues and in parallel with the discussion of necessary changes in the Treaty to prevent nuclear weapons in Iran was also discussed bilateral issues,” added Elkin.

This, according to him, was, in particular, the accelerated execution of the agreement, under which Russia pledged to pay the Israelis pensions, earned on its territory in the Soviet period.

“They also discussed the signing of a Treaty on adoption, which is almost ready, and other issues of cooperation between Israel and Russia”, — the Minister added.