The film “Stalin’s Death” frankly monotonous and frankly stupid, says Bishop Tikhon (Shevkunov)

Moscow. 12 Feb. INTERFAX – Chairman of the Patriarchal Council for culture, Bishop mark Tikhon (Shevkunov) believes that it is not necessary to waste time on viewing of the movie “Death of Stalin”.

“Movie trailer looked. To high satire, of course, this is irrelevant. All frankly monotonous and frankly dumb,” he said in an interview published Monday in the online edition of “The Bell”.

The Bishop is sure that it is “the case when there is no reason to waste time on the whole tape.”

“Kondovoj propaganda order. His ultimate goal, of course, not Stalin, and Russia, its people. The figure of Stalin, Soviet leaders, the great Zhukov as disgusting as it should be insignificant and disgusting the main default character is the people who are governed by these ghouls. It’s simple as mooing,” – said the Hierarch.

He expressed the opinion that “we gradually impose the inevitable philosophy of “Charlie Hebdo” with all the consequences for Russia, consequences.”

“Whether similar trends to resist? Undoubtedly. The question how to do that with and order, and civil peace,” – said the Bishop.