Russian prolifera propose to mark abortive drugs special sticker

Moscow. 13 Feb. INTERFAX – the Movement “Women for life” offered mark the medications with an abortive effect special sticker.

“Women have a right to know about the mechanism of action and effects of the drugs they buy,” – told “Interfax” on Tuesday the leader of the movement Natalia Moskvitina.

According to the authors, ignorance of women leads to unwanted microhabitat.

Demands of the activists outlined in the petition. It had already begun to sign users, support the introduction of a marker “Caution! Abortifacient effect” on all packages of hormone contraceptives.

“We hope that we will support the people who care about the health of women – future mothers,” he said.Moskvitina.

The movement “Women for life” provides assistance to pregnant women, single mothers and families in difficult life situations. So, last month, the organization opened a thrift store “Boutique of good” for women and families in need in the adult and children’s clothing, food, etc.