Natspolitsiya exposed officials of internal Affairs money laundering and drug dealing

Exposed employees of divisions of the State migration service in Kyiv and Cherkasy region in collusion with private firms has created a network of corruption associated with the issuance of biometric passports. It is reported by the Department of homeland security National police of Ukraine.

At the direction of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, the Department of homeland security received more powers to fight corruption not only in the National police, but also in all Central Executive authorities of the interior Ministry. This decision was supported by the Ministry of internal Affairs Board.

The leadership of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine became aware of the facts of criminal activities of certain officials of the LCA. After a detailed inspection conducted by employees of the Department of homeland security, the NHRI information was confirmed.

Militiamen found out that certain employees of the State migration service of Ukraine, which directly entrusted with issuing biometric passports, has decided to cash in on the issuance of documents.

Using official position, the officials of certain structural units of GMS adjusted the corruption scheme of money laundering with the heads of private institutions who were engaged in speeding up the issuance of passports.

“Its essence lies in the following: under the law, to obtain a biometric passport, the citizen must register in the electronic queue, to create the necessary package of documents in division GMS and officially to pay for a receipt in the amount of 557,32 800,32 hryvnia or hryvnias – depending on the desired period of receipt of the document,” – noted in police.

Exposed officials of GMR, agreeing beforehand with the “partner” – a business entity that gave its customers the opportunity to obtain a biometric passport to bypass the email queue in no time, but at a greatly inflated price.

Thus, the production of the document out of the lineup for 22 working days “worth” to the customer 3 thousand hryvnias, and within 1-2 working days – 11 thousand UAH. Thus, employees not only received illegal income through planned speculation, and I artificially created a serious queue for those wishing to obtain biometric passport divisions of the migration service. As a result, the country’s budget has received less hundred thousand.

On behalf of the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov Department of internal security of the NHRI conducted a number of operational activities in exposing corrupt officials.

“According to the materials of DVB NHRIs in July 2017 the Main investigation Department of NHRIs, under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine initiated criminal proceedings on the facts of obtaining illegal benefit and illicit enrichment by employees of Ukraine’s GTS”, – militiamen report.

Operatives of homeland security was established involvement in the criminal scheme of the individual heads of territorial units of GMS in the city of Kyiv and Cherkasy region, where the conspirators organized the most ambitious “work.” In addition, documented nearly 20 business entities that have provided the opportunity for paying customers to get out of turn necessary document in the departments of the migration service.

During the illegal “cooperation” with businessmen exposed officials considerably increase their status. So, the head of one of the departments of GMS in the city of Kiev, working in his post for less than a year, allowed himself to buy a car of premium class.

It is worth noting that this same official and his accomplice – intermediary clients – the operatives of the internal security of the NHRI was accused of involvement in the manufacture, storage and sale of drugs of various kinds.

After collecting enough evidence of illegal actions of the defendants in the corruption networks, the employees of the Department of homeland security, the Main investigation Department of NHRIs and the General Prosecutor’s office carried out the authorized searches in the offices and at the place of residence of the officers of the CTA, as well as on location addresses of convicted companies.

During the events of the seized evidence documents, rough notes and cash received as a result of criminal activities. Eight people were detained in order St. 208 criminal procedure code of Ukraine.

Currently, ongoing events for establishment of participation of other employees of GMS to corruption schemes and bringing them to justice.