Mattis: budget impasse is hurting the morale of the troops

The Pentagon chief stressed that the difficulties of financing the armed forces to reduce the country’s defense

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis on Tuesday accused the Congress of failing its basic constitutional duties – funding the armed forces. Addressing the lawmakers, he said that the continuing deadlock with the adoption of the budget, harms the morale of the troops and undermines their superiority over the rivals.

“I can’t take care of the protection of our country more than this (part) of Congress), because only Congress has the constitutional authority “to mobilize and support armies” and “provide the Navy,” said Mattis.

The speech of the Pentagon were made at a time when the Republican-controlled House of representatives prepares to vote on new short-term budget bill designed to avert a new threat of closure by the Federal government.

According to the military, this situation becomes an obstacle for the adequate funding of the armed forces in dire need of modernization.