Lionel Messi “stood up” for owners of Kyiv Kiosks

The newspaper “Evening Kyiv” published a photo of football player Lionel Messi, giving him a resident of the Ukrainian capital.

The mistake of the journalists said the Deputy of city Council Yury Sirotyuk and wrote about it on his page in Facebook.

In the newspaper “Lionel Messi” under the name of A. Rudakova “commented” the situation with the demolition of Kiosks on Andreevsky descent. He stood up for the owners of the stalls, arguing his position by the fact that small business helps the city to become popular.

“Famous footballer” adding that Andrew’s descent got its popularity thanks to the souvenir sellers, and urged to abandon the idea of demolition of the stalls.

Earlier it was reported that the Ambassador of the 2018 world Cup Lopyreva has recorded a message for Messi.

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