“I have the same disease as Gigi Hadid’

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“Imagine a really extreme case of the flu.”

This is how the 23-year-old Rachel Hill is the life with Hashimoto describes the disease.

You talk to Newsbeat about the thyroid condition she shares with Gigi Hadid – who ‘ criticized s hit back at the trolls who have your appearance.

The model says that her weight loss is due to the treatment they are getting now for the disease.

The NHS (National Health Service describes him as “caused by the immune system attacks the thyroid gland, so that it can swell and be damaged”.

This can lead to “fatigue, weight gain and dry skin”. There is no cure and it can take months or years to be diagnosed.

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That’s what happened in Rachel’s case.

They showed the first symptoms when she was 16.

“I had a virus, but after it cleared up, I was still very tired. I have bad acne, irregular periods, and muscle aches and pains and spasms at night,” she told Newsbeat.

“It is only diagnosed worse and worse, until I am 21.”

That was the moment that changed her life, and she admits it was a “mourning for my old life”.

“In the past I was very impulsive and do what I wanted, especially as a teenager – that’s how life is. But now I have the energy to really manage my levels.

“I have to plan everything – whether it’s up the stairs, showering, or working out, when I see my friends in the pub.”

Rachel, from Nottingham, writes about her experiences in the chart, their own struggles and to help others.

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It is not clear what causes the thyroid disease, but even if there is no cure, the symptoms can be treated.

But for Rachel, it’s just a body is not a problem.

“If the disease flares up, it is so hard to cope with that mentally, it can be very hard,” she says.

Rachel’s shown signs of anxiety since a young age developed into depression as the disease became more serious, in their late Teens.

“If it flares up, the best way I can describe it is like having really bad flu. You’re really sore and weak and your brain is in a huge fog – it is the right words out is hard, or you are thinking of what they do.”

Rachel Hill

Rachel says she has more acceptance for their position in the last year or so and is happy Gigi Hadid is the increase of the disease, the profile.

To win, “whether it’s feeling physically tired or weight and weight-loss, we should not judge people on how they look.

“There is so much more in a person than their physical appearance.”

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