Esme Wren named as the new Newsnight editor

Esme Wren has been named as the chief editor of Newsnight and take it from Ian Katz.

You leave to join your role as the head of policy, economy and specialist journalism at Sky News, the BBC.

Wren has in a number of senior editorial positions at Sky News, but began her career as a producer on Newsnight in the 1990s.

Katz left the BBC in November of 2017, to be Director of programmes at channel 4.

The incoming head of news and current Affairs, Fran Unsworth, presented the new appointment in an E-Mail to BBC staff.

She said “Newsnight is in Esme’s DNA. It is where you began your broadcasting career, and we look forward to welcome you back to the BBC, as its editor.

“She brings with her a wealth of TV and political expertise, and she worked with some of the best names in the business.”

Unsworth also thanked Jess Brammar and Dan Clarke, the departure, since the processing of the program, since Katz’s.

Commenting on their appointment, Esme Wren says: “It is to return a great honor and a privilege to lead Newsnight, this exceptional team of award-winning and creative journalists.

“It couldn’t be to edit an exciting time, the program leads the way in cutting through the constant noise of the political, social, and global change.”

“The last 12 years at Sky News could not have been better. I have to grow, given the opportunities, and to develop, you have prepared me and now on one of the best jobs in British journalism.”

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