CEC offered the First channel to postpone the screening of the film about Putin

The CEC recommends that the First channel to postpone the screening of a TV documentary film about the Russian President “Putin”, which was directed by U.S. Director Oliver stone before the end of the campaign. This was announced by the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova Wednesday, 14 February, reports TASS.

“Offer of JSC “First channel” to postpone further screening of the film “Putin” to the end of voting in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation, that is, to show the rest of the series after the campaign,” she said at the Commission meeting.

At the same time, Pamfilova said that in the film there is a propaganda component. “The specified movie does not contain the calls to vote for or against a candidate, expressed a preference to any candidate, does not describe the possible consequences of election or non-election of a candidate”, — quotes its words of RIA Novosti.

The film is based on interviews with the President of Russia, which were recorded from July 2015 to February 2017. According to Oliver stone, he has turned out to be 20 hours of recordings, of which the result was a four-hour film.

A world premiere in the U.S. on the cable channel Showtime June 12. The rights to the show also bought the TV channels in the UK, Germany, France, Italy.