A canadian journalist was supported by the Russians insulted coach

MOSCOW, 11 Feb — RIA Novosti. Insulted Russian athletes coach of the Olympic team Canada did the right thing, said the journalist Bruce Arthur. This opinion he expressed in his column for the newspaper Toronto Star.

Earlier, the head of the Russian delegation at the Olympics in Pyeongchang, Vice-President of the Olympic Committee of Russia Stanislav Pozdnyakov said that one of the canadian coaches rudely responded about the national team, saying that the Russians have nothing to do at the Games. After that, the representative of the canadian delegation apologized for the behavior of the mentor athletes.

According to him, in Russia there is state support of doping, why athletes came to the Olympics “as a pariah”. The journalist noted that, if the argument really was, so she touched the doping topic.

“If the canadian said Russian coach that did what his country is shameful that this betrayal, that’s wrong, God bless this anonymous canadian”, — concluded Arthur.

The IOC Executive Board on 5 December decided to allow Russian athletes to the Games in 2018 in a neutral status under the Olympic flag.

The decision was made based on the findings of special commissions, which confirmed the “systematic manipulation of doping during the Olympic games in Sochi.” At the same time, the Russian authorities have repeatedly stated about the absence in the country of state of doping in sports.