Toyota hints to 2019 Supra return with a new image

Toyota has unveiled a cloudy rear image of a ‘modern racing concept” unveiled at the Geneva motor show next month, it says, the signal will be “Engagement in the development of its most iconic sports cars on the market”. This is probably a reference to a forthcoming new Supra.

The image shows the silhouette of a sizable rear wing on the back of a carved sports car. Although the accompanying release, Returns under the direction of “The legend’, makes no reference to the much-anticipated Supra, the concept is likely to be a precursor of the newly invented sports car.

While the Supra, which was developed, was spotted in partnership with the BMW Z4, several times testing on the roads in camouflage, BMW has already revealed its Z4 concept, ahead of a production reveal later this year.

Meanwhile, the new Supra set will be revealed at the beginning of next year, five years after the FT-1 concept was shown at the Detroit motor show.

The Supra is branded, Gazoo, the name of the car manufacturer Toyota’s racing arm, Gazoo Racing-in-chief Koei Saga confirmed to Autocar in January of last year.

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With that in mind, the Supra’s could be the full name of either the Toyota Gazoo Supra or Toyota Supra Gazoo.

Toyota is following in the footsteps of many manufacturers, the creation of independent brands for their respective service departments, such as Mercedes AMG, Audi s, Audi Sport, and the recently announced Cupra from Seat.

Toyota Gazoo Racing: what the hell is a Gazoo is?

The Japanese car maker has already started its performance-focus-drive, start the Yaris GRMN hot hatch in the past year. The Supra is expected to be at the top of Gazoo-model line-up.The Supra is determined that a BMW-derived powertrain, which is also in the Z4: a turbocharged 3.0-Liter inline six-cylinder engine with 340bhp. Travel is directed by an eight-speed torque-Converter automatic gearbox that features steering wheel-mounted shift paddles.

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Previous motorsport-themed concept is named Gazoo GR Super-Sport concept, it featured a 2.4-Liter V6 gasoline engine with electrical support behind the cockpit, and was said to be a preview of the electrified powertrain of the new Supra.

The Supra is built on the same platform as the upcoming Z4 , the BMW is the carbon fibre-architecture of the current i3, the i8 and 7-series.

However, while the Z4 will only be offered as a convertible, the Supra is only available as a coupe, a result is understood to be an agreement between the two companies is the difference between the two models.

Current pictures of the Supra Tests also show the model with the BMW switchgear, including a dashboard-mounted infotainment screen and accompanying rotary dial controller on the centre tunnel, as well as the BMW-heater-control-keys and a BMW automatic shift lever.

The fifth-generation model is the first car to wear the legendary name since the production of the previous model in the year 2002.

The Supra began life in 1979, with a 2.6-litre in-line six-cylinder engine with 108bhp and 136lb ft. Over four generations, the Supra, is not considered to be one of the most famous Japanese performance cars.

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