The Prosecutor’s office will verify the information on extortion and the prayers of the young acrobats in the St. Petersburg sport school

Saint-Petersburg. 13 Feb. INTERFAX – the St. Petersburg Prosecutor’s office began checking the information on the abuses of the leadership and coaches of youth sports school of Olympic reserve (STULOV) in the Vyborg district.

“The Vyborg district Prosecutor’s office checks on the fact of information in the media about what coaches, teachers youth school of Olympic reserve, located on the territory of the district, apply to children of illegal methods of education, as well as illegally collecting funds for the equipment of the sports hall”, – the press-service of the Ministry reported on Tuesday.

By results of check will be given a legal assessment of the actions of the responsible officials and resolved the issue of applying measures of prosecutorial response.

As reported on the website of the Commissioner for the rights of the child in St. Petersburg Svetlana Agapitovoj, the parents of the pupils of sport school in the Central district of the city have a claim to the leadership of the institution in connection with the violation of children’s rights trainer, falsification of information on participation in competitions and methadonemaintenance extortion.

The information says that the coach in working with the pupils and used some of the spiritual practices of Eastern religious cults. “Among the non-trivial methods of strengthening the team spirit of young athletes also means prayer, meditation, and breathing exercises”, – is spoken in the message of the Ombudsman.