The military suspected of murder in Kiev, arrested

The court chose a measure of restraint in form of detention Vladimir Balabuha, serviceman of the 72nd brigade of the Armed forces suspected of murder. The correspondent reports about it Hromadske from the courtroom.

According to the judge of the Desnyansky district court of Kiev Svetlana Collegeway, the measure of restraint elected for a term of 2 months.

The publication reports that the court granted the prosecution’s motion in full.

Recall, February 10, in Kiev, near the metro station Chernihiv of the murder. Between the two men had a dispute at a stop of public transport. Then one of them went to the store, bought a kitchen knife, returned to the bus stop and struck several blows with a knife to his opponent. The man died before the arrival of the ambulance. The suspect was arrested by the police.

Later it became known that the killer – soldier, who recently returned from the ATO, and the victim was a chef.