The former England international in his childhood he was sexually abused

Former England midfielder Kieron Dyer said that at the age of 12 he was raped by his uncle. The player reported this to the father, but he decided not to apply to the police, so as not to harm the career of the son. After that Dyer conceal the incident for 25 years, but still found the strength to confess.

“This case has greatly affected my life. For a long time I lived with anger on the inside, and could not tell what happened to anyone in his entourage.

I was 12 years old, we were home alone. He started to move and persuaded me to perform oral sex. I felt a thrill of terror that it was a nightmare from which I couldn’t even scream. And he said to keep my mouth shut about what happened and all this has to stay our little secret“, – quotes the words of Dyer The Mirror.

Kieron Dyer has spent 33 matches for England and finished his career in 2013.

Earlier it was reported that the former football player told the star player the Premier League has tried to rape her.

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