Oil slick off the coast of China in a week has tripled

BEIJING, 22 Jan – RIA Novosti. Oil slick formed on the water surface after the East China sea off the coast of China sank an Iranian tanker has increased for a week more than three times, the report said the State Oceanographic administration of China.

Carrying 136 thousand tons of gas condensate tanker SANCHI belonging to Iranian companies and sailing under the Panamanian flag, collided with the Hong Kong bulk carrier CF CRYSTAL off the East coast of China on the evening of 6 January. A week later, on 14 January, after another tanker explosion on Board sank. After the collapse in the East China sea was formed, oil stains, which, by estimates of ecologists, can cause substantial damage to the marine ecosystem in the area.

According to the data obtained from the satellite images on the surface of the water in the area where the incident occurred, there were three oil spills with a total area of 332 square kilometers, whereas in the past the environment of their area was only 109 square kilometres.

Deputy Director of the Maritime search and rescue center of China (CMSRC) JI Guanli January 19, said that China is not yet able to organize an operation to raise the sunken tanker due to the possible threat of explosion of gas condensate remaining on the Board.