Negative impact on health: the EU has offered to cancel the transition to winter and summer

The European Parliament calls upon the European Commission to make a proposal on the abolition of daylight saving time. About it reports the UNIAN.”A relevant resolution will be voted on next week on Thursday, February 8, in the plenary session in Strasbourg. The draft resolution prepared by the European Parliament Committee on transport”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the draft resolution was a reaction to complaints of citizens concerning the state of health due to the effects of changing the time twice a year.

As previously reported, Finland has said it will abolish daylight saving time in the European Union after more than 70 million Finns signed a petition.

In addition, Estonia also believe that the European Parliament should consider the abolition of transition to winter and summer. The reason is the same – it’s bad for people’s health.

For the first time in history go to daylight saving time started in 1908 in the UK. This was done to save power. Now the daylight saving time operates in more than 100 countries, in other States the clock is not transferred.