McConnell: in the Senate reached a compromise on the budget

Earlier, the White house said it expects a bipartisan agreement in the public sector

In the Senate reached a bipartisan compromise on the budget, announced Wednesday the head of the Republican majority in the upper house of Congress, Mitch McConnell.

“I am pleased to announce that our bipartisan, bicameral negotiations on defense spending and other priorities completed an important agreement, said McConnell.

“We came to unity, agreement is very good for the American people,” said the leader of the democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

As the correspondent of “voice of America” Michael Bowman the leaders of the Senate announced a two-year budget plan which envisages a significant increase in spending on defense and domestic programs.

McConnell and the leader of the Senate Democrats Chuck Schumer told other senators about the agreement reached on Tuesday on the background of the attempts of the Congress to avoid another partial government closure.

About what lawmakers on Wednesday plan to present “a good bipartisan agreement,” providing for an increase in the limits on some government spending, earlier Wednesday, said the Director of the White house on legislative activities of mark Short.

It is assumed that the proposal to increase defense spending will allow the President to Trump to fulfill his campaign promise on the US military build-up, but the White house remains concerned about the level of spending in areas not related to defense, said Short in an interview with MSNBC.

Further, the plan will be submitted for consideration to the House of representatives, where its fate is unclear.

The leader of the democratic minority in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi said that she and “a significant number” of Democrats will oppose the plan if it is not guaranteed a vote on the issue of immigration.

Last month the US Federal government for three days, partially suspended work, which was partly caused by inter-party differences over immigration reform.

The confrontation on the issue of immigration continued this week: President trump and conservative Republicans can’t reach an agreement with Democrats over the fate of young immigrants illegally brought into the country parents. Previously, they were protected from deportation to the framework introduced by President Obama’s program deferred action for immigrant children (DACA), which trump canceled.

President says he supports the idea to allow these immigrants the opportunity to obtain citizenship, but the immigration plan the White house also provides funding for a wall on the border with Mexico, reducing the flow of legal immigration to the United States and giving priority to immigrants with high professional level.

“President trump did something I never did President Obama – have proposed 1.8 million adults who fall under the DACA program, the opportunity to embark on a journey to obtain American citizenship, said the Republican Senator from Texas John kornyn. Is an incredibly generous offer”.

Democrats insist that the issue of DACA should not be tied to larger issues in the field of immigration that Congress is unable to resolve for decades.

“The DACA program was a huge success, – said the Senator from Illinois, dick Durbin. – A bipartisan bill to protect “dreamers” have long been waiting for consideration in Congress and has broad support among the population, including in the electorate of the President trump”.