Kia Sportage UK range drops 10 variants for the 2018

Kia has dropped to 10 of the less popular variants of the Sportage to create a “simplified” line-up for its best-selling model.

The new line-up which now amounts to 16 versions, because of the loss of variants including KX-trim models 2 to 5, as well as the GT-Line Edition, which is sitting near the top of the range.

A Kia spokesman said these versions “are each a small percentage of the sales mix”, in such a way that a decision to “streamline” the field had been taken “for ease of understanding for customers”.

KX models formed the bulk of the four-wheel drive line-up for the Sportage, so losing them has significantly reduced the number of AWD versions for sale. However, the GT-Line models are still available with two driven axles.

The Sportage remains Kia best selling model in the UNITED kingdom. It accounted for 45% of the demand here in 2017, with 40,077 of them sold. This beat 2016 results, when sales of the Nissan Qashqai rival amounted to 39,700 – equal to 43% of Kia UK sale.

The growth mirrors Kia’s most extensive sales in the UNITED kingdom, where he increased its market share to 3.75% – up from 3.32% in 2016. The mark is the second best-selling model, the larger Sorento, which is a rival for the Skoda Kodiaq, which means Kia’s most popular cars are both Suvs.

Kia added the new Stonic small SUV to showrooms during the second half of 2017, as part of its current line-up expansion. The Nissan Juke rival arrives in Europe the fastest-growing segments, and, as such, is expected to become Kia number one in the UK the seller.

At the other end of his line-up, the Rio and Is sedans sell in much smaller numbers. Last year, 8470 Rios were sold in the UNITED kingdom, while it will Be represented 6130 for sale.

Kia has also a rationalization of the ranges of these two sedans, removing their diesel versions to the front of the reduction of the demand for small oil-burners.

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