IG* has claimed responsibility for the attack on the office in Afghanistan, the media are writing

MOSCOW, 24 Jan — RIA Novosti. The militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state”* took responsibility for an attack on the international organization Save the Children in Afghan Jalalabad, according to local TV station 1TV.

On Wednesday morning a suicide bomber exploded at the gate of the building, after which the territory had penetrated a group of armed men. It was reported that the attackers were dressed in military uniforms. The exact number is still unknown. The confrontation between militants and security forces lasted for six hours. During this time, managed to eliminate two of the attackers, inside still have one or two.

Victims of the attack were two people, 20 were injured and were hospitalized.

International nonprofit organization Save the Children works to protect children’s rights. Its headquarters is located in London.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia