Citroen-in-chief: the fleet of buyers that could change the future of diesel

Global diesel sales, you will have to fight to regain the fleet buyers to follow to private buyers in deserting the fuel, according to Citroën CEO Linda Jackson.

Note that the 75% of the sales of the Citroën C3 Aircross, which went on sale in Europe in October, had been petrol variants, Jackson said: “The signs are that private buyers are predominantly favoring the gasoline. If you are able to turn with a clear explanation of the facts is yet to be seen.

Citroën boss: fall of sales in China highlights the need for global growth

“But if the fleet buyers who currently seem to be holding to the purchase you opt to make the change to the gasoline, then it will be difficult for the diesel to recover. Something very dramatic is going to happen for diesel to recover any type of market share.”

Diesel sales in the uk fell 17% in the year 2017, with the fall accelerating sharply in the second half of the year.

Jackson added that electric cars have yet to demonstrate their viability in the long term. “I am sure that they are part of the solution, but there are still questions to answer, from the that creates and pays for the infrastructure for the sustainability of lithium-ion cleaning supplies how electricity is created,” he said.

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