Christian organizations has urged trump to relax the restrictions of the reception of refugees

Representatives of the community of Evangelical Christians concerned about the sharp decline in the numbers resettled the refugees

More than 500 leaders of Evangelical Christians and pastors from across the country on Thursday called on U.S. President Donald trump to weaken limit the number of accepted refugees.

Church representatives, members of the international Christian humanitarian organization World Relief, expressed concern about the drastic reduction in the number of refugees resettled in the United States. According to them, compared to 2016 in the last year the number fell from 97 000 to 33 000.

Trump has imposed restrictions on the admission of refugees in its effort to prevent potential terrorists into the country.

In his letter to Donald Trump and members of Congress, religious leaders said: “We are concerned about the sharp decline in the number of refugees arriving in the United States.” According to their calculations, this year the number could reach a record low since the start of the program of refugee resettlement in 1980.

The authors of the letter pay attention to the fact that it is happening at a time when refugees around the world more than ever. “We pray that the United States continued to serve as a beacon of hope for people forced to flee persecution,” said they.

Church leaders, throughout the presidency, trump speaks positively about his policies, recognize that the modern world is full of dangers, and one of the key tasks of government is to protect its citizens and to establish conditions for the admission of refugees.

“However, the compassion and security can coexist, as it was for decades. We accept with open arms the persecuted Christians, but we are also willing to accept and those in the vulnerable situation of Muslims and people of other faiths and people who do not belong to any religion” – say the authors of the letter.

According to them, the decree trump on limiting the number of accepted refugees “deprives the family of hope and future.”

Church leaders also called on to protect from deportation young undocumented immigrants brought into the United States by parents in childhood.

The trump also called for to provide 1.8 million such immigrants able to legally remain in the country after it abolished introduced Barack Obama to the program, which protected them from deportation.

However, in exchange, the President demands that Congress appropriated funding for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico to deter illegal immigration, and stop other programs that allow hundreds of thousands of foreigners to move to the U.S. legally.

It is expected that the Congress will soon discuss changes to immigration policy, but it is unclear what the bill will eventually be enacted, and what measures will be ready to support the President trump.