A court in Kyiv has declared wanted by the editor-in-chief “Straniu”

KIEV, Feb 19 — RIA Novosti. Shevchenko district court of Kyiv has declared wanted the chief editor of the Ukrainian edition “Strenia” of the Igor Guzhva in a criminal case on charges of tax evasion, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

“The petition of the Igor Guzhva be declared wanted, accused of tax evasion to stop (before the implementation of the decision of the court — ed.)”, — said the judge Andriy Trubnikov on Monday.

This decision is not subject to appeal, investigation Guzhva entrusted to the Prosecutor.

Guzhva previously went to Austria, where he asked for political asylum because of “pressure from authorities” of Ukraine. He stated that he received threats of physical violence and murder. The Austrian authorities gave him a document about the stay in the country. The international Committee to protect journalists called on the Ukrainian authorities to investigate threats against Guzhva.

Guzhva vs Ukraine brought two criminal cases, he is suspected of extortion for the deployment of incriminating evidence on a current policy, and also in evasion from payment of taxes. Shevchenko Kiev district court had previously granted permission for the detention of Guzhva and satisfied the Prosecutor’s petition for the recovery of the Deposit made earlier to 1.35 million (more than 48.6 thousand dollars) to the state budget.