Mercedes-AMG GT four-door – first official test-photos of the Panamera competitor

Mercedes-AMG has released the first official test drives of images of its upcoming GT – four-door model, which is due to be revealed in full at the Geneva motor show in March.

The company has released three images of a camouflaged vehicle, which is part of a fleet that has been running “all the world”, but has no more details about the machine.

Autocar has previously revealed that the engineers from Mercedes’ performance arm is already working on an even tougher version of the model, with sources predicting the variation is continuous over 800bhp is a hybrid V8 powertrain.

The official images follow wing earlier spy photos of a car wearing a fixed rear wheel. This suggests that the ‘standard’ GT, four-door, AMG boss Tobias Moers is soon followed by a more focused model, has more power and produces higher levels of output to rival the market’s fastest four-doors.

Fixed rear wing are normally reserved for the AMG’s most extreme models, such as Black-series or R-variants. In this stage, the latter does not appear to be more likely to be used on the GT with four doors, so you steal the spotlight of the upcoming Black Series version of the regular two-door GT.

AMG is the decision to start the development on a hot GT with four doors, before the vehicle revealed a regular, comes in the context of the new product launch plan variants, the earlier in each model’s life cycle. In Detroit, where AMG has recently launched its new hybrid-53-area, Moers told Autocar that AMG “never ceases, with the technical development,” suggesting that the harder versions are edited, as soon as the development on the car they are on is completed.

He added that his personal opinion was that the four-door AMG model will be more successful than expected by the company.

Preview of the GT concept, 2017 to flock to the AMG GT four-door models come with a range of EQ-Power-brands-in petrol-electric hybrid powertrain with different battery capacities, outputs, and electrical.

The new Mercedes-AMG model has been designed as an upmarket replacement for today’s CLS 63, and a rival for the Porsche Panamera. The sales for the series model are expected to be in September 2018.

The car is started with the same 604bhp twin-Turbo 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine, nine-speed automatic transmission and fully variable all-wheel drive system as the latest E63 S 4Matic, on which he based to a large extent. However, Mercedes officials have said, there are also concrete plans for it to be sold with hybrid powertrain starting in 2019 – what could come in the spotted harder version as part of the line-up.

The decision for the development of the car’s new hybrid powertrain with three different battery capacities of Mercedes-AMG, the car with different output-wide services and rich.

Although the finer details are still under wraps, Autocar has said that the range-topping hybrid model for the generation of the same 805bhp and offer a similar 31-mile electric range as the GT concept (pictured above and below).

The other versions are in development, said to be a Basis for hybrid propulsion with 671bhp and a 19-mile range and a mid-range variant with 738bhp and a 25-mile area.

Sources indicate these units, the modular nature of it will allow you, in other AMG models, including the successor to the GT-coupe and Roadster.

The hybrid powertrain for the production version of the GT concept, AMG twin-Turbo 4.0-Liter V8-engine, longitudinal at front, in combination with an electric motor located in the rear axle. The engine can send to all four wheels, while the engine power is supplied only to the rear wheels.

AMG says the engine is networked with a combination of the extremely lightweight batteries. These were developed in partnership with High Performance Powertrains, the British-based AMG’s sister company, the behind-the-1000bhp petrol-electric powertrain from the upcoming project is A hypercar.

The operation of the new petrol-electric powerplant was derived from the hybrid unit, which is charged by the Mercedes-Benz formula-1 team, with the battery while the car is driven by brake-energy recuperation, and with the help of the petrol engine

Formula E tie-up will help AMG

Mercedes-Benz s-entry in to the electric formula-E championship in 2018/19, an increase of the AMG for the development of hybrid and electric drives for the future, depending on the development of the company-chief, Drummond Jacoy.

The company’s current project, A concept uses a powertrain similar to the hybrid-employee of Mercedes in formula 1.

“We have been working with Mercedes High Performance Engines that build the F1 engines, and now we are aligning with the formula E project,” said Jacoy. “The entry is very short, very well, and we have not sorted out how exactly it will work – but it will be a close connection to us as an AMG.”

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