The love of the Island of the women” paid less ” in the new jobs

That of the Love of the Island of female stars, she says has been “significantly” less pay for the same jobs as the men participants since its release on the ITV show.

Olivia Attwood told the Victoria Derbyshire show this included jobs with her boyfriend Chris Hughes.

The female participants have discovered the disparity after speaking to each other and to “do the digging”.

She said when his management approached customers to ask why, they immediately paired the payments.

Ms Attwood said that there were “a lot of panic” when her management team of the “very strong women,” declared the customer of the female stars knew that they were less well paid.

“Immediately, it was” please don’t tell anyone, we’ll match the money.” So the money has always been there,” she said. ‘Made me angry’

Speaking of Conservative MP Anna Soubry on the Victoria Derbyshire programme, the reality star said: “We never got an answer [to],” why do you feel that they should be paid more than us, for all of us to come in and do exactly the same thing on the same day, the same result?’.”

The 27-year-old said his buddy told him that when he worked with other men, they were paid the same, regardless of how well-known they were.

“They would never dream to insult the four men in this way, but they’re going to say the two girls and make a reason ridiculous, but it was really because they thought they’d get away with it.

“It was really eye-opening and it made me angry,” she said.
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Ms Attwood also stated that she had previously worked as a “grid girl” for the Formula 1, a role that the sports boss said no longer be used from this season.

She said that she knew that the fans of this sport does not need to see half-naked girls to enjoy.

“But, at the same time, if a girl wants to do and she finds that really fun and she gets to travel the world to do, I think you can go ahead and take pleasure of all, can’t you?”

She added that the models have always been very well looked after by the stables of Formula 1, and “nobody has been held to less than five meters away from us, and that they were told to yell about it “if someone has a crossed all boundaries”.

Ms Attwood added: “Then, my experience has been really good and really positive, while other girls would not have had the same protection.”

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