The Russians are planning to observe Shrove Tuesday “pancake tradition,” however, are not going to change the power mode in the post – survey

Moscow. 9 Feb. INTERFAX – Most Russians are going to Maslenitsa is pancakes (88%), however, observe lent (partially or completely) beginning at the end of Maslenitsa, will be 11%, according to VTSIOM.

In addition to the widely known tradition of baking pancakes, Maslenitsa is famous for the burning of an effigy of winter (this tradition is known to 58% of Russians), folk festivals (24%), visits (10%), sports games (10%). 9% said that they were aware of this tradition as “climb the pole”.

Among the observed mass Shrovetide rituals were also mentioned trips to visit/receive guests (70%), participation in folk festivals (46%), burning of effigies (39%), attending Church services (23%), refusal of meat and meat products (15%). To apologize to loved ones in the day of Forgiveness Sunday are about 83% of the respondents.

According to the survey, observe lent often expect women (14% vs. 8% among men), as well as the Russians from 45 years and older (13% vs. 5% 18-24 year olds).

Every fifth (20%) are still undecided in their choice, and 66%, by contrast, know that they will not limit themselves in food and actions, show the results of a nationwide telephone survey conducted February 6-7, 2000 among Russians.