New Lancia Stratos to enter limited production

The New Lancia Stratos will be announced in a limited production of Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT), the bespoke sports car manufacturer, and displayed at the Geneva auto salon.

The model, a tribute to Lancia’s legendary sports and rally car, were built, of which 492 copies between 1973 and 1978, was for the first time in concept form in 2010.

Three versions of the car, a GT racer, a version of Safari and what it calls the brand ‘a comptetent super sports car for everyday use be made’. The second is likely to be a rally-inspired version – a further reminder of the car’s motorsport heritage.

It was commissioned by billionaire German entrepreneur Michael Stoschek, Chairman of the Auto parts supplier Brose and rally enthusiasts. The design comes from the pen of Pininfarina, while the original Stratos was the work of Bertone.

We drove the New Stratos at the time of its unveiling in 2010 – read what we thought here

The mid – engine design features of the wedge profile, semi-round front windscreen, side tanks, removable front and rear maintenance dome and the engine-access hatch of the original.

The original concept was based on a cut-down aluminum space frame structure made of a Ferrari 430 Scuderia and uses the car’s powertrain. However, in 2011, Ferrari Pininfarina, and “any other Ferrari-dependent suppliers blocked” from the commissioning of the New Stratos-line in the production, and the car designers to look elsewhere for a base.

MAT’s announcement, not all the technical details of the production of the New Stratos, but he says that it is in possession of Stoschek “permission to replicate the New Stratos with the same design and technologies of the car”.

The new car has similar dimensions as 3710mm-long original Stratos, with a similar short wheelbase, and is claimed to have a “lightweight design”, the concept had an empty weight of 1274kg.

The only detail revealed about the mechanics so far that the engine produces 542bhp, while pictures of the steering wheel to show-mounted paddle shifters for automatic transmission. The concept of the Ferrari-Source-4.3-Liter V8 produces 532bhp.

The New Stratos is a stripped-back interior mirror many features of the original, including an integrated roll cage and door pockets for the driver and the passenger helmets.

Stoschek said: “I am pleased that other passionate car enthusiasts to experience be able, as the successor of the most fascinating rally car of the 1970s continues to set the bar for design and performance”.

No price for the New Stratos has been shown, although a price of around £600,000 was being considered, when Autocar first reported on the concept. Customers a choice between different options and variations, “”.

MAT ‘ s portfolio includes the Apollo, arrow, and the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S. The company, which designs, develops and builds the one-off and limited production luxury and racing models, is headed by its founder, Paolo Garella, the previously for Pininfarina, and was involved with more than 50 custom car projects in the past 30 years.

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