In Poland explained why Israel had “misunderstood” the law of the Holocaust

WARSAW, Feb 5 — RIA Novosti. In Israel misunderstood the meaning of the Polish law on the Holocaust due to the incorrect interpretation of its wording, said on air of the Polish radio foreign Minister of the Republic of Jacek Czaputowicz.

The Polish Senate adopted the law criminalizing the promotion of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalists, the denial of the Volyn massacre and alleged complicity of the Polish people to the Nazis during the Second world war. The law will take effect after it is signed by the President Andrzej Duda. The document is at the stage of parliamentary work on the project has caused sharp negative reaction in Ukraine, in Israel, in the United States. In tel Aviv, in particular, fear that the law may strike at the Jews who have suffered at the hands of the inhabitants of Poland and want to talk about it.

“Interpretation of the word “people” is a source of misunderstanding. Because in the Constitution we have the phrase “the people”, which means “all Polish citizens”, I note that not only Polish nationality,” said Czaputowicz, commenting on the reaction of the Israeli side to the Polish law.

“We have established a term denoting the extent of how international the term’ nation-state ‘ (nation-state). It does not apply to individuals. I think that this is a problem of interpretation”, he added.

Earlier the Israeli leadership, including Prime Minister, President and foreign Minister, expressed his disagreement with the Polish law and demanded him to reconsider, accusing the authors ‘ attempt at historical truth. The Israeli memorial complex “Yad Vashem”, the world’s largest centre for the study of the history of the Holocaust and commemorate its victims, has promised to continue to investigate the “hard facts” about the attitude of poles towards Jews during the Second world war, despite the limitations imposed by Warsaw.