Disabled fan wins music video-role

Lucy Rose

The Fans played a big role in Lucy Rose’s career.

After they parted ways with their label in the year 2016, supporters in Latin America, an intimate, two-month tour, which helped her organized you discover your passion for music.

The journey became a documentary film and fan reaction to the film changed Lucy’s perspective on life.

It all started when Zoe Schofield, who has Asperger’s syndrome, and chronic fatigue, chronic pain, saw Lucy show in Bristol last July.

“I showed the documentary,” the singer explains, “and after the show I had an email in my Inbox just before I went to bed, by a guy named Dave, it turns out that Zoe’s father. And actually, the documentary is made, you will feel very angry.

At the end of the Youtube post by LucyRoseVEVO

“He was like, ‘I was so surprised – but she has made disabilities, chronic pain, and this video you to think about all the things you wanted to do in her life and she feels like she can’t do it.'”

The E-Mail left a big impression on the 29-year-old Rose.

Lucy had never even considered, and their predominantly positive experiences in Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil could have a negative impact on someone else.

“It was just so intense,” she recalls. “In my naivety, I had not thought that a difficult watch would be for people in different situations.”

As Zoe was back to Bristol last November, back in the audience. After a chat at the merch Stand, Lucy is determined to do something.

“I said, ‘Let’s make a music video. I know the documentary you have to love the feeling in this way, and I would make a music video with them that you are the complete opposite.'”

Zoe responded with a “mixture of disbelief, excitement and mild terror.”


“It’s not something I never expected to say to her,” she told the BBC via E-Mail, “and my ASD [autism spectrum disorder] and anxiety makes everything outside of my comfort zone as a deterrent.

“Then I thought about how excited I would be if I saw someone with my disability in a music video: someone like me, with all of this fight is outside, visible, and life anyway.

“The idea of being able to do this, to embrace you, my disability and go do something amazing, but still – it was still frightening, but it was really exciting.”

Lucy put the entire project in Zoe’s hands. The teenager heard Lucy’s song in Strange ways and, inspired by the lyrics “Let me live in the wild night”, booked a trip to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. Pure Luck

She flew earlier this year and spent a day shooting video in the bitter cold of Ulster, northern coast.

“I have so many great memories of the filming of the Videos,” says Zoe. “But my favorite was near the end of the recording.

“After we had been down to the causeway (and I rest), we decided to go up to the promontory overlook.

“It was this perfect moment where the sun broke from behind the clouds and a rainbow formed on the horizon over the sea.

To think “only now, when I’m home, and exhausted, and in pain – it fills me with this overwhelming feeling of awe and pure joy I had felt at the time, the feeling of connection to the world, to the wildness in my soul, alive.

“Sharing this moment with this small group of really great people and know I was a part of something – those moments are what make life worth living.”

The video, which premieres on Thursday, “very abstract,” says Lucy, “because, it says, a part of this great story of how we ended up here.

“I wanted to talk about the landscape and Zoe’ s words.”

Lucy Rose

It’s a moving watch-and emotional, especially when you know the background story. But for Lucy, just watch the video reward was enough.

“I was just so relieved and happy that Zoe had a great time, because it was a big question for someone in your situation, to your body by what we put on your body. And the impact of the whole trip would mean a week in bed, pretty much.

“It was just like a combination of euphoria, that it happened, and pure luck that they had enjoyed it.”

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