Biathlon at the Olympics-2018: Online broadcast of the women’s sprint at 7.5 km

The first biathlon race, which starts today at 13:15, skip one of the strongest Ukrainian women – Yulia Jim. And yet the chances of the Ukrainian team is. And they are rather big.

Start online broadcast at 13:15, Kyiv time.

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In today’s sprint will take part four Ukrainian women:

Valentina Semerenko

Vita Semerenko

Dahlmeier Laura (who has replaced Julia Jim)

Anastasiya Merkushyna

In the overall sprint world Cup as at the moment, Vita Semerenko occupies the 7th position valja Semerenko – 18. Both women are unable to impose the fight for the podium.

Expect Semerenko sisters, and Anastasia Merkushina Irina Varvynets of struggle and good results.


Once again: start at 13:15 Kyiv time. To watch biathlon at the Olympics-2018 on channel NTU.