Vacation and sick leave for the concert workers

Dan Kitwood

The government is to give a concert for workers of the economy of new rights, including vacation and sick leave for the first time.

Your Good Work plan is in response to last year’s Taylor Review that the changes recommended in conditions to reflect modern working practices.

The government has adopted almost all of the review of the recommendations.

But unions have said the plan will still leave 1.8 million workers without basic rights.

The Taylor Review focused especially on the so-called concert of the economics of part-time and flexible workers. It was said that all the work in the economy of the united kingdom should be “fair and decent”.

The government says that it goes beyond the Review of recommendations:
Compliance with holiday and sick pay rights
Give all workers the right to demand a payroll
Allowing flexible workers to the demand of the more stable contracts

It is said that it will now monitor and report on the quality as well as quantity of jobs in the economy and take measures to make sure flexible workers are aware of their rights.

It is also asking the Low Pay Commission to consider the possibility of a higher minimum wage for workers on zero-hour contracts, and says it can also repeal any laws that allow agencies to employ workers at cheaper rates.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, said “We are proud to have record levels of employment in this country, but we must also ensure that workers’ rights are always respected. Our response to this report will result in tangible progress toward that goal as we build an economy that works for everyone.”

‘Specific commitments’

Matthew Taylor, the author of the original review, called the government response “substantive and comprehensive”.

He said: “it’s going to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable workers and that is what matters.

“I welcome the series of concrete commitments to improve protections and the rights of workers and to enforce those rights with more force.

“On important issues, including the variable remuneration of the hours of the workers, the employment situation and the representation of the workers, I welcome the direction given on the day of today, but there is more work to be done to encourage the Government to be courageous in life to his commitment with the good work for all”.

Richard laughton, Sharing the Economy of the united kingdom President, the trade body for the sharing economy of the industry, said companies welcomed the government’s plan.

“Many people of enormous value to the degree of flexibility of platforms and have been able to participate in the labour market for the first time.

“Greater clarity in knowing when they are to be paid will help individuals to make informed decisions.”

Mr laughton who is also the ceo of easyCar, said: “it Is essential that updates to the uk labour market to continue to promote the entrepreneurial spirit, encourage participation and maintain flexibility, while helping to develop skills.””The light in the substance’

However, the trade unions have been much more critical. Dr. Jason Moyer-Lee, Secretary-General of the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) said: “As the Taylor Review, so far it seems big on grandiose claims, the light in the substance.

“The most important thing that the government could do is introduce a government of effective enforcement of employment law. They say they are going to do this, but give no indication of how.”

TUC General Secretary Frances O’grady added: “The government has taken a small step – when you need to make a big jump.

“These plans will not stop the hire and fire culture of zero-hours contracts or sham self-employment. And that will still leave 1.8 million workers excluded from key protections.