Turkey banned the screening of the TV program of Evangelist for furthering sexism

Istanbul. 8 Feb. INTERFAX – the High Council for radio and television of Turkey (RTÃœK) imposed a ban on five issues of TV channel A9 TV writer and theologian Adnan Oktar.

In addition to the ban on display of several programs, A. Oktar, known as Harun Yahya, the channel has been imposed a heavy fine after accusations in “the contradiction of gender equality, the promotion of violence against women and sexism”. The transmission can be banned in case of subsequent violations, said on Thursday the website “NewsTurk”.

Tough action RTÃœK followers after the Administration of religious Affairs (Diyanet) several times publicly criticized the TV station and A. Oktar, “lost your mind”.

“It is absolutely wrong to watch such channels as TV A9, and preaching where the fraudster is Adnan Oktar. Diyanet is not entitled to close the channels, but the authorized agencies should do it as soon as possible,” said the new head of Diyanet Ali Erbas in one of his speeches.

Earlier Diyanet made the ban on showing the marriage of the TV show, which was one of the most popular programs on Turkish television.