The Manchester city goalkeeper can play as a midfielder if required

Talented Manchester city goalkeeper Ederson Moraes, who paid 40 million euros, not only protects the gate, but can play as a midfielder if the situation requires.

“When I played for the youth team of Benfica, when you need me put to play in midfield. I looked at this position quite well. So, if the team need be, I may be able to play the role of a midfielder. Of course, it’s not easy, especially in the EPL, but I can handle it.

There are certain points on which I work since the days of the state of são Paulo, and I constantly improve it. For example, at the Academy I often played with feet and scored from a penalty. I was forced to try one coach, and I was able several times to send the ball into the net, after which things have changed for me. But now I don’t do that – a lot of experts in this area”, – quotes the words of Ederson FourFourTwo.

Earlier it was reported that Manchester city goalkeeper Ederson Moraes made a crazy save after the rebound.

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