Sweep and sweep

Thursday, February 8, in Dagestan arrived head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin. Last week in the country has launched major anti-corruption operation, the government was dismissed, and many senior officials under arrest. Events in Dagestan, where the acting head of the Republic Vladimir Vasiliev is not simply sweeps in a new way, and sweeps clean, a stark contrast to what is working in other Russian regions where autumn landed newcomers. They all got through the first one hundred days which is not much to criticize the new leadership, and it is already possible to sum up the results. How to cope in the regions, presidential appointees — in the article “the”.Soft landing

In early November, took place in the Kremlin almost unprecedented event — the President of Russia has collected eleven of them retired governors in order to say thank you. And not just thank for the work done (including and awards), but also to help with further employment. The main message of what is happening lies in the fact that officials were not afraid of life after retirement, and that they this life they do not spoil beginners. Acting regions where autumn held a mass rotation, had to face opposition from old teams. And former head, worry for their fate, promised not to put a spoke in the wheel. Obviously, the promise fulfilled.

Most of the acting heads of regions successfully, without conflict and radical changes, “landed” in the region and began to work with local teams, experts of the Institute for social research (AISI), which produced the report “the Second wave of updates to the composition of heads of subjects of the Russian Federation-2017: first results”. They estimate that nine of the eleven “new” preferred to limit the minimum permutations, relying on local talent and sometimes not even attracting people from outside the region (as, for example, Mikhail Vedernikov in the Pskov region). And only two — Gleb Nikitin in Nizhny Novgorod region Andrey Travnikov in Novosibirsk — already made a complete reformatting of the government.

The apparent calm is not only peaceful departure of former heads of regions, but also the unwillingness of locals to the open struggle against presidential appointees. The exceptions are the regions in which the front of the heads is the task of eradicating local corruption. A vivid example of what is happening in Dagestan. Going into a tough region, Vladimir Vasiliev was first conducted at least reshuffle, replacing, for example, the head of his administration (they have been assigned a “new man”, United Russia Vladimir Ivanov). But after the arrests of members of the government on charges of fraud sent the government in resignation.

Despite the scandalous, and even criminal, background information, coming from Dagestan and other news. Of the achievements in the economy we can mention the receipt from the Federal government subsidies, announcement of the establishment of the Republic of the cluster of the glass industry and the arrival of several delegations of foreign investors.Intrigue and investigation

Dagestan is strikingly stands out. In other regions, the intensity of the drama is much lower. But he also is. Especially in Nizhny Novgorod region, where Gleb Nikitin firmly made up confrontation with the leader of the “team city”, the influential Vice Chairman of the Legislative Assembly Oleg Sorokin — he was arrested on charges of receiving a bribe in especially large size. Sorokin — an influential businessman and politician in his defense expressed by many figures, including former Governor of the region Valery Shantsev. Although the last years of his reign was marked by the escalation of the conflict, Sorokin.

Interchange occurred effectively in the morning of December 9 mass media exploded with the news of the arrest Sorokin, and in the evening he, accompanied by SWAT fighters were taken to the building of the regional court. Reporters noted that Sorokin things with you not have time to grab and was dressed in a simple sweater and jeans. As a result, local politicians this arrest was named the main event of the year, which eclipsed the resignation of the Shantsev, and the arrival in Nizhny Novgorod oblast Nikitin. It is noteworthy that the experts AISI give “more cautious” Outlook on the success of the consolidation of local elites.

In the Novosibirsk region is also not without conflicts. But the local situation can lead as an example of building working relationships and compromise. When after coming Travnikova in the Novosibirsk region mayor of Novosibirsk remained Anatoly Lokot, who is called the only real competitor to “recruit”, many are frozen in anticipation of the conflict. Mayor of Novosibirsk — the man is popular and competitive. In addition, his main Advisor, he appointed the former Governor of the Novosibirsk region Victor Tolokonsky.

But the authorities, on the contrary, demonstrated the ability to negotiate. For example, one of the most ambitious and controversial urban issues: construction of new ice arena—never found its solution. Finally due to the rejection of the construction of the business centre was found an almost ideal site in the floodplain of the Ob river. This configuration gave both the regional and city authorities, and a meeting on the construction of the arena proved to be effective. Officials demonstrated ability to negotiate and on the other, albeit less significant issues. However, this does not negate the possibility of deterioration of relations to a Single day of voting.In politics

Almost all of the acting heads of the regions already have demonstrated a real solution to regional problems, noted in their report, the experts AISI. For example, in the Samara region Dmitry Azarov partially snatched back his predecessor, the social benefits for pensioners and veterans. New mechanisms for providing incentives have been introduced in the field in early 2017. Subsidies for ZHKU payment, for example, is given to those who have no debts and only after the fact of payment of utilities. Also limited the number of preferential travel on public transport on the social map, suspended monthly payments to some categories of pensioners. Of course, these changes have caused an outrage and people began to go to rallies. Realizing the error of its predecessor, Azarov almost immediately after his appointment, promised to study the issue.

In the Nizhny Novgorod region Gleb Nikitin have agreed to allocate by Russian grids of additional investment in the development of the power sector region of $ 3.5 billion. In the Ivanovo region Stanislav Voskresensky has made running high-speed trains to Moscow in 2018 and contributed to the repayment of wage arrears to workers of the plant “crane”. And the figure there is considerable — 140 million rubles.

Experts AISI conclude that the interim heads of constituent entities undertake priority efforts in the political and in the socio-economic field, trying to solve urgent problems of the regions. And residents of the largely celebrated the positive changes that have occurred over the last six months. In any case, before the election, all the acting is another six months a sufficient time in order to achieve success, and to make mistakes.

Dmitry Sarkisov