Russian prolifer thanked trump for anti-abortion

Washington. 8 Feb. INTERFAX – Known representative of the Russian Pro-life movement Leonid Sevastianov, who took Thursday part in the National prayer Breakfast, during a brief meeting thanked the US President for his efforts to fight against abortion.

“The American leader in response said that antiabortion movement could pull together our countries,” – told “Interfax” L. Sevastyanov, the Executive Director of the Foundation of St. Gregory the theologian charity, one of the activities of which is to discourage abortion.

Prior to this, according to L. Sevastyanov, D. trump said invited to prayer Breakfast about the need for special efforts to protect Christians throughout the world, noting that the faith and protection of life is the basis of any healthy society.

The prayer Breakfast is an annual event in Washington, bringing American and global elite share common moral values.