ROC Institute received state accreditation in Russia

Moscow. 8 Feb. INTERFAX – the Order of the Federal service for supervision in education and science on the state accreditation of the postgraduate school and doctoral studies named after Cyril and Methodius published in day of memory of Prelate Grigory Bogoslova, said on Thursday the press service of the graduate school.

By results of examination, during which they evaluated all the principal educational and research activities of the postgraduate school in order to meet state requirements, national accreditation Agency recognized this spiritual school have successfully passed state accreditation.

Church-wide postgraduate studies confirmed the right of conducting educational activity in the direction of training 48.00.00 (“Theology”) at the two highest levels of education (graduate and postgraduate) with the right to issue state diplomas. Graduate students who will be trained in the accredited program of training personnel of higher qualification, will be able to present their work to defend in the dissertation in theology, included in the network of councils of high attestation Commission of the Ministry of education and science of Russia.