Nominee, trump will become the Ambassador to Singapore

Kathleen Mcfarland withdrew his candidacy

Kathleen Mcfarland, nominated by President as Ambassador to Singapore, withdrew his candidacy.

Trump said that he was disappointed that Mcfarland will not become an Ambassador and accused Democrats that they torpedoed her nomination. Against Mcfarland in the Senate was made by the Democrats and some Republicans.

Kathleen Mcfarland at an early stage joined the campaign staff of Donald trump and held the post of its Deputy national security adviser Michael Flynn. Prior to that, she worked as a columnist on the conservative Fox News channel. Senate she stated that she did not know that Flynn spoke with representatives of Russia. However, later it became known that Flynn was informed by Mcfarland.

Donald trump wished good luck to Mcfarland that she “used her wisdom and knowledge as a commentator to explain to the American people how to make the foreign policy of the United States great again”.