Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers on the challenges of A Project

The Mercedes-AMG Project, We will use a powertrain that is essentially been lifted from Lewis Hamilton’s championship-winning Formula 1 car and split-up of the machine.

Those who understand the complexity of the F1 later, everyone is going to know such a feat is not easy, so we caught up with AMG’s boss, Tobias Moers, to see what consequences this will have on his route.

Mercedes-AMG Project to generate 675kg of the supporting force

How sustainable will be this small V6 engine? Surely, the Formula 1 engines are built pretty short life…

TM: “They used to be, but now, the number of engines in F1, teams can use in a season is limited, so that they are much more durable. We have certified the Project with A engine 50,000 km (31,070 miles). It will need a rebuild in the future.”

Where are you going to sell the Project?

TM: “It will be certified under the European small series of rules, so it’s going to go in the UK and Europe. After the success of the consultations with the authorities of the united states and in certain parts of Asia, it can go there too. But we will not be selling in China.”

This must be a complex program. What are the most difficult?

TM: “We knew from the beginning, there would be three major challenges: emissions, NVH [noise,vibration, harshness] and the weight. But we can beat them. We will work our way through them now.”

Mercedes-AMG Project of A hybrid technique, thanks to the serial model by 2021

Do you have plans for another low-volume project?

TM: “We do not have a plan to make a successor. You can’t have 10 years in a time like this. It is too annoying. I never stick to plans beyond four or five years.”

What does the Project say about Mercedes-AMG of the direction for the future?

TM: “It says a lot of things. My opinion is that the electrification will be the key to performance in the future. You get the efficiency and the performance [of electrification].”

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