Lightning reaction: the Aussie bare hands got the snake

MOSCOW, January 28 — RIA Novosti. Snake catcher Luke from Australia showed in the video capture process Bogi of the toilet tank of the toilet. Video published on the page Snake Catcher Noosa on Facebook.

Reptile settled in the toilet cistern in one of the houses in Queensland. A snake a few days frightened residents: she pressed the lever and the water went down for no apparent reason. Finally the owners of the house found uninvited “guest” and called zmeelova.

The video shows how Luke gently pulls reptile brown, boigu from her hiding place. Snake tries to bite him, but the man manages to instantly draw back his hand. In the end, he bare hands to remove it from the tank.

“Caught it quickly, but it can’t be helped. Either that, or I would have had to stick his hand in the toilet,” joked the Aussie in the caption to the video. The snake he set free.

“How the hell she managed to get up there?”one of the commentators.

“I can’t believe how fast your reaction is,” praised zmeelova another Facebook user.